Poodle Getting Nails

Meet Our Dedicated Groomers

At Ola Puppy Grooming, we take pride in introducing the talented individuals who form the heartbeat of our establishment – our passionate team of groomers. With a profound love for animals and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our dedicated professionals go above and beyond to ensure your pets receive the highest level of care and pampering.

Our Team

Sara – Manager/ Head Groomer

  • CPPS Level 1 Bather Technician
  • CPPS Intermediate Level 1 Stylist Technician
  • DogSafe Canine First Aid – Level 1

Sara has been a part of the Ola Puppy team for 6 and a half years. Sara started as a bather, then became an groomers assistant and then started training to become a certified groomer. Sara strives to take her grooming to the next level and become a showroomer as she loves traditional haircuts.

Sara owns too long coated chihuahuas named Missy and Kingston. Sara also has a two-year-old daughter that keeps her happily busy in her spare time.

Sara Groomer


Alexis Groomer

Alexis – Professional Certified Groomer

  • CPPS Level 1 Bather Technician
  • K9 Basic First Aid

Alexis has been at Olá Puppy since September 2020. She started as a bather then a groomers assistant and graduated from Western Dog Grooming School as a certified groomer.

Alexis has been working with dogs for almost 5 years now and she has not looked back. Alexis loves working at Olá Puppy and all the relationships she’s built with the dogs. Alexis hopes to gain more and more dog grooming and works towards becoming a show dog groomer. Alexis also really enjoys creative grooming.

In her spare time, Alexis loves attending dog shows and dog grooming shows. She also enjoys working on getting trick titles with her chihuahua, Ripley


Alexis Groomer

Emil- Professional Certified Groomer

  • CPPS Level 1 Bather Technician

Emil, a cherished member of the Ola Puppy Grooming family since 2022, seamlessly combines his expertise in hands-on grooming with a genuine passion for animals, enhancing our grooming experience. His commitment to excellence goes beyond grooming; Emil possesses a unique talent for training dogs and improving their attitudes. With a personalized approach, Emil ensures that each pet receives the utmost care, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to providing exceptional services.

Emil is also the proud owner of Fuji, a delightful Shiba Inu. Emil’s Shiba Inu, Fuji, is a well-trained and award-winning canine, demonstrating intelligence and agility by mastering more than 20 commands. Emil’s connection with Fuji enhances the bond he forms with each furry client at Ola Puppy Grooming, contributing to positive experiences for both pets and their owners.